Saturday, November 5, 2016

I Can’t/Won't Leave This Miserable Job!

“I’m too busy to look for a new position.”

“I can’t leave this miserable job. The pay and benefits are too good.”

“I’ll do it tomorrow.”

“No job is perfect.”

“I’ll just tough it out. Something has got to change!”

“I’m afraid there isn’t a new position out there for me. Nobody will want me. Besides, how do I explain leaving a job to a potential employer?”

What is your excuse du jour for not leaving a miserable work experience? What faulty rationale or logic is that little voice in your head saying to you? 

Let’s begin with some basic hard questions.

Is your work environment nurturing? How does your work environment impact your well-being and health? Is it positive or negative?

Does your work environment value its cast members and treat them with respect?

Are you being treated fairly and given a manageable workload for your competency? Is your competency being used to your highest and best potential?

Are your values being compromised? Does your organization act with integrity? Does the organization seek diversity and inclusion? Does male staff get treated differently than female staff?

Is the organization’s financial well-being more important than its cast members’ well being?

Does the organization have safe practices? Is conflict handled in a healthy way?

Does working in the organization require “playing games?” Are there extreme office politics? Is transparency a joke?

Does your boss or supervisor care about you as a person? Are they interested in helping you to grow? Do they coach you and help you be a better cast member? Is education a part of your annual performance review?

Do you have a mentor? Does your organization offer mentoring?

Is the organization underperforming to your expectations?

What are other cast members saying about the character and reputation of the organization of which you are a part?

What are external customers saying about the character and reputation of the organization of which you are a part?

Where are the red flags showing up in your answers?

Learn to fire yourself from a miserable job or a miserable boss. It is your duty to let go of an underperforming or unhealthy organization. It’s in the best interest of the organization, a manager and the other cast members for you to leave.

By the way, this challenge is doubly hard if you are a family member of a family-owned business!

No one want’s to hear Trump’s favorite line from The Apprentice, “You’re fired!” but if all the evidence is there, if your well-being has taken a hit, if your values are being compromised and if you’ve reached the end of your rope, then fire your employer!

At the root of continuing to remain in a lousy work environment is self-deception and denial. Self-deception is lying to yourself and not being honest with yourself. Self-deception is about turning away the awareness you need to live fully. Self-deception denies truth and reality. It blunts compassion for yourself and for others. Self-deception is living the lie.

Three final questions. 

Instead of not deciding this now, are you willing to spend time every day thinking and talking about how lousy your work-life is for the next several months? 

How will others outside of work-life experience you? Will you be a joy to be around?

Are you willing to live with the consequences, if you don’t make a change?

It is your duty, your calling to live a well-lived life!

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TerryH said...

Well-said, my friend! I always enjoy your perspectives...have a great day!