Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Fear Won the 2016 Presidential Election

As an older white male, I have little to fear after this Presidential election. In fact, things look pretty good for me.

On the other hand…

If I were a woman, I’d be afraid.

If I were a person of color, I’d be afraid.

If I were a Muslim, I’d be afraid.

If I were a part of the LGBT community, I'd be afraid.

If I were an immigrant, I’d be afraid.

If I were poor, I’d be afraid.

If you are a person who cherishes a green, healthy, nurturing environment, I’d be afraid.

If I were someone who finally got health care coverage through ACA especially with a pre-existing condition, I’d be afraid.

If you are a person of integrity, I’d be afraid.

If I were a foreign ally to the United States, I’d be afraid.

As person who lives by the Old Testament values of Micah 6:8, I’m going to be tested. I recognize I am going to have to live deeper into compassion and social justice. I recognize I’m going to have act with deeper humility. I realize my call is to stand with women, Blacks, Muslims, immigrants, the LGBT, the poor, the sick, the environmentalists, our Allies and share my white male privilege to help others.


Love has to win. Love has to trump fear. It’s my calling. What about you?


Faith Evans said...

Thank you Dave, for your thoughtful, heartfelt's the only thing that makes me feel better today. Maybe there
are others who think as you do...who will step up and out. I am grateful to you and your sincere expression of love for people...before politics.
In appreciation,

deborah wright said...

Thanks Dave for your on point comments. I have several boxes on your list to check off for which I should be afraid moving forward. Added to that, a daughter who asked six months ago - out of the blue, "What happens if he wins mom?"
I agree that love does trump fear and hate; although looking at the map this morning it was pretty devastating and hard to wrap my head around.
After the shock wears off, I will join you in the real movement that defines us - I HAVE TO BELIEVE that LOVE will win!
D. Wright

Doug Kinsey said...

I agree Dave. I also think that the sadness expressed by many of us as we look at the electoral map has to be tempered with the realization that the alternate choice was not as clear cut and compelling as we would have liked. Both candidates were tarnished with histories and possible conflicts of interest that made it difficult for many voters. It's no excuse for choosing for the person who apparently cares little about sowing divisiveness and hatred, but it is a recognition that smugness and "back-room" politicking by one party neglected the needs of the populace in the same way that passiveness and lack of a moral compass by the other party ultimately worked in their favor.

Now we just have to pray that the ideals of our great Nation somehow survive the next four years.

Victor Boccia said...

That fear has now transferred to me as a gay man. I am honestly terrified about our future and barely slept at all last night. I am reeling from the results in the same fashion one experiences the death of a loved one. I am having a hard time focusing at work and my stomach is in knots.

Carrpe Diem! said...

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Sylvia Dresser said...

Thank you.