Saturday, March 8, 2008

Great Leaders are Great Readers

Sources for knowledge and information.

1.) Other people. I love to ask people what they are reading including magazines, newspapers, websites, books and articles. Usually what they share has touched them and made an impression, and worth noting. In my Palm under tasks, I have categories in which I enter books, magazines, websites and news to check out the next time I'm at the library, bookstore or on the Internet.

2.) The library. I visit our local library about twice a month. Great source for books, books on CD and cassette and books on MP3 players.

3.) iTunes podcasts. Incredible resource to play while on the go and in place of the radio talking heads. You can also download audio books.

4.) CBS Sunday Morning, Public Television and The Discovery Channel. I do not watch much television, but I tend to be intentional in watching these (as well as ESPN!) These help justify the cable bill!

5.) Websites I frequent. - This news source tends to be be more on news facts and less on opinion or slant. - liberal, but witty commentary owned by The Washington Post - challenges one's thinking. - life is too serious to be taken seriously! Great source for laughs! - links to mainstream media, can be controversial, makes me ask questions - average guy, continuously looking to live a better life. You'll find interesting tips and ideas. - an interesting blog with the purpose, "We are finding the best article for you everyday." - a professional "myspace" or "facebook" for social networking. Great questions and answer for career, technology, sales, and related. - source for new books. - My parents spent several hundred dollars on World Book Encyclopedia back in the early '60's. Here is the 21st century encyclopedia online and free!

What are your resources?