Saturday, November 12, 2016

Continued Processing of 2016 Presidential Election

I received a lot of feedback from my last blog post of 11/9/16, Fear Just Won the Election. Some of it positive and supportive. Some of it negative and hurtful. Some asked to be removed from my blog mail list. I am still processing the outcome of this election. Here are responses to some to comments I have received.

"How would you offer the phrases if the word Faith was in front?"

I have a very difficult time understanding how those of a strong Christian faith could justify and support Trump as their candidate. Some of my brothers and sisters in Christ who support Trump strongly value a woman's sexuality as sacred. So how do they enthusiastically embrace a man who sexually assaults women, degrades women, and calls them obscenities? When I study Matthew 5, I see no following of Jesus' teaching in Trump's words or behavior. 

Political power trumped values, morals and Christian faith.

The brand of faith that got Trump elected was in secular political power and fear, not the faith of spiritual, sacred, the Holy and love.

A vote for Trump was a vote against ACA and the rising costs of health insurance.

A vote for Trump was a vote against the growth of the national debt.

A vote for Trump was a vote to get manufacturing jobs and coal mining back to pre-NAFTA.

A vote for Trump was a vote against the expansion of ISIS.

A vote for Trump was a vote against "the other" including Blacks, immigrants, Muslims, and LGBTQ.

A vote for Trump was a vote against a liberal Supreme Court.

A vote for Trump was a vote for anti-establishment, against politicians who know no term limits, lobbyists and big money (things I do like!).

These voters had faith in a person who can make these changes. God and the belief of walking the path of Christ wasn't part of the consideration.

I get it. I don't like it. Personally, I had hoped at the beginning of this whole election cycle, there would be no Bush or Clinton. I was tired of their dynasties. I would have preferred Elizabeth Warren, Kathleen Sebelius, or Justice  Sonia Sotomayor as the first woman president.

Someone else wrote me, "I never in a million years imagined that when you joined the hard core left in this country that you would jump right in with total fear mongering.  That you would throw logic out the window.  

I hope you go back to your “I’d be afraid” note and go “oops”. If not I will know that logic has left you behind. If this happens, now I’m afraid."

First, as the father of a gay daughter, I am afraid for her. Vice-president elect Pence has already said he is seeking to roll back LGBTQ legislation. The second greatest commandment seems to have been forgotten.

Second, I saw fresh graffiti this morning, "WHITES RULE, blacks, immigrants, muslims, jews drool." Yep, I'm afraid we are losing compassion for our fellow human beings who look, act and believe differently than I do. Ignorance rules and fear is the motivation.

If the "hard core left" means being accountable to the values of Micah 6:8, then I am guilty as labeled. I'd like to think I'd be in the company of Jesus Christ.

Still someone else wrote me, "As a Christian and believer, I don’t fear or worry.  Matthew 5 – 7 gives me the power and strength every day – no matter what." I am pretty sure that was written on a full stomach, from a warm, comfortable home, with a good income and as a older white male. I would challenge him to go spend time with the disenfranchised, the broken, the homeless, the imprisoned. Go where Jesus went. Spend time with the "least of these." Check your judgment and bias at the door. Engage in conversation. Ask questions. Get to know them. Listen to their stories. Practice cognitive dissonance. Try to experience their fear.

It's interesting how there is a call to heal the great divide. There was a similar call after President Obama was elected. Senator McConnell made it his mandate to keep the divide seeking to have Obama serve one term and stonewall everything Obama was seeking. This includes nominating recently, a reasonable, non-liberal Supreme Court Justice, Merrick Garland, the Chief Judge of the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit, to fill the Supreme Court seat vacated by the death of Antonin Scalia. Now that the shoe is on the other foot, will we get more ofthe same?

I don't like Trump as my President. His values and behavior don't sync with mine. I do respect our political system, and I do accept Trump as President. Hope is a call for action. I hope Trump's past performance and behavior is not an indication of future results. I hope Trump will surround himself with good advisors.  I hope he will challenge Congress to earn their salaries and get to work. I hope he can heal the divide. I will do my part to help. 


jim hester said...

Well Dave, we saw a reaction of white america suffering under a 1/2 black president for 8 years. The seething discrimination I witnessed in my own republican extending family was an eye opener. You could have run Satan on the republican ticket for a win (which is close to what happened). Strange times ahead.

Carrpe Diem! said...

I just finished watching President-elect Trump's interview with Lesley Stahl on 60 minutes. My hope has taken a tick upward.

"Trump was asked whether he supports same-sex marriage -- and he said he is “fine” with it."

"Clinton “did some bad things,” he said, but added that ultimately the Clintons are “good people.”

"On health care, Trump said he is open to amending the Affordable Care Act or keeping pieces of it that are popular, such as coverage for people with pre-existing conditions or children under 26 who want to stay on their parents’ health insurance."

I continue to process...

Carrpe Diem!


TerryH said...

Hi, Dave;
I, too,have been processing this election cycle and the subsequent election itself with a sense of grief I have rarely felt. I watched election night and literally felt a wave of hatred moving across our country.It absolutely broke my heart that so many people could vote for someone so overtly cruel to so many, including veterans and disabled people, so dismissive of anyone different from himself, so crass and callous toward women, and so deeply unqualified.This event has laid bare the level of anger, resentment, uncertainty and fear that we have too long tried to minimize among many in our country.

I would like to believe that a sociopath can evolve and become compassionate and connected to others but what I've concluded is, it isn't about him. It's about us...our country is not "fixable" because our country is an outcome. We are the creators of it and so we must evolve ourselves past racism, sexism, elitism, greed, fear and separation. We must stand up for what is right, fair and good, whether it directly affects us or not because our individual intentions and behaviors make up the whole. We are all one.

Thank you, Dave, for your courageous words and compassionate heart.The next chapter in our evolution must be one of accountability and consciousness.