Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Make America Great Again! Really?

As of this post, Trump's campaign has spent $89.5 million dollars since it began. The third biggest expense of his campaign has been for "Make America Great Again" hats.      - Washington Post.

81% of registered voters who support Republican nominee Donald Trump feel that America is worse now than it was 50 years ago for 'people like them.'
- Pew Research Center

I agree. I'd like to see politicians of 50 years ago who represented their constituents rather some PAC, lobby or special interest and weren't professional political "lifers." They knew their term limits.

I agree. I'd like to see politicians of 50 years ago who worked together, collaborated, cooperated, and compromised with one another rather drawing lines in the sand and demanding their way, all or nothing.

I agree. I'd like to see politicians of 50 years ago who worked on real issues that made this country a better place for tomorrow's child like ending unnecessary wars, civil rights, better use of energy and continued separation of church and state.

I agree. I'd like to see front porches on houses of 50 years ago where neighbors gathered to talk with one another and where there was no gate to enter their community.

I agree. I'd like to see children play without so much structure like 50 years ago. Where a 10 year-old could ride a city bus without their parent and no one thought anything of it.

On the other hand...

America is great, not perfect, still has work to do, but America is great.

Unlike 50 years ago, women can do more than stay at home or be teachers and nurses. Women can lead!

Unlike 50 years, a there was no way we would conceive of a Black President of the United States. 

Unlike 50 years ago, my gay child is not seen as having mental illness as listed by American Psychiatric Association.

50 years ago, there was: only black and white television; three sources for television entertainment and news; mixed race dating was taboo; smoking cigarettes was the norm; beer choices were limited to the 'king of beers,' ' the beer that made Milwaukee famous,' the Champagne of beers,' and a few others; phones were bulky, connected to wires and not smart.

Remember the nearly 50 year old story of the Starfish Thrower written by Loren Eiseley? An old man is walking along a beach littered with starfish and is throwing them back in the ocean. A young man comes upon the starfish thrower and asks why he is throwing the starfish back into the ocean. The old man tells the young questioner the tide is going out and the sun will dry up the starfish. The young man points out their are more starfish than old man can possible save.

Today's version of the starfish thrower is radically different. Today's starfish thrower is an activist. He is a young a man who sees the beach littered with starfish. He takes out his smart phone and snaps a picture. He sends the picture out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to ask for help to save the starfish. Soon there are multitude of people...male and female, white, black, Latino, Asian, young and old, able-bodied and disabled, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, atheists, LGBT... down at the beach picking up starfish and tossing them back into the ocean. 

That is why America is great and getting greater everyday. 

Where will you activate and connect to continue the progress forward?


Kaaren said...

Very well done, Dave !

Becky R-P said...

One of your best, Dave. I especially like the updated starfish story. Crowdfunding- whether that funding is monetary or "in kind" - happens at lightning speed now.

Amy Climer said...

Great post David. America IS great and now let's make it even greater!