Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ode to Max

We didn’t think we were “dog” people. Our son requested, perhaps demanded a dog when we moved from Kettering, OH to Lebanon, OH back in 2002. My wife set some parameters - small dog, house broken, got along with children and people. So the hunt began. There were regular trips to the Humane Society. Then one day, a friend called and said, “Your dog is here at the Humane Society in Dayton! Come get him now!”

His name was Max. Nobel. Sharp. Classy. Strong. Polite. He was about 1.5 years old. We are not really sure why someone gave him up. He was intelligent. He was house broken. We became “dog” people. We became “Max” people. We fell in love, head over heals with a 26 pound salt and pepper miniature Schnauzer named Max!

He did bark when people came to our house. I think it was Max’s way of earning his keep, protecting us! Once we assured him that it was okay, he settled down. Friends wanted to take him home. He was an incredible addition to the Carr home. He brought a subtle peace and tranquility to our home.

No matter what kind of day you had when you got home Max was the welcoming committee to let you know you were loved, valued and needed. Max made you feel like you were okay when the rest of the world may have thought otherwise.

Max made me appreciate the simple things in life. A walk, which he got twice a day, was wonderful! The world was full of curiosity and wonder to him. He snapped to attention when a squirrel was nearby. He was friendly to most other dogs including dogs two, three and four times his size! In fact, I don’t think he knew fear, although he did not like lightning.

Every morning Max and I would get up around 5 AM. I’d make coffee. I’d read my devotion, do meditation and then we’d go for a walk. Breakfast, the same old dry Iams with a fish oil capsule, brought delight! His stub of a tail twitched! I’d ask Max... “Do you want the Belgium waffle stuffed with fruit and cream cheese or the Western omelet with double meat"...he didn’t care...just give me my scoop of Iams! Fresh water too!

He could stare you down. Those small intense brown almond eyes were laser sharp, especially when you were eating. He did not beg. But he watched every move you made when you had food. Ant’s starved around our house, because the littlest crump that fell to the floor was consumed by Max!

Max was everyone’s dog in the family. He’d roughhouse with Bretton. He’d cuddle with Terri. He’d sleep with Erin. He’d be at my feet when I read. We were blessed to have this incredible dog in our lives for nearly 10 years. I am going to miss him. We are going to miss him. He passed away too soon.

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