Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I'm Blue...

Today it all comes to a screeching halt. Our nation will try to select a president. It does not look good. No matter who wins, a large number of people will not be happy.

We've justified who should be president as well as who should not be president. Over Six Billion Dollars has been spent on justification. I have buyers remorse. I'm blue. I threw some money into a campaign and wish I'd thrown it into the Red Cross basket for victims of Sandy.

I'm blue. It has become increasingly evident that policy and ideology have trumped the ability for civil conversation. If someone doesn't believe in our "brand" of religion, our "brand" of politics, our "brand" of sexual orientation, our "brand" of race and heritage we label "them" as sub-human, retards, idiots, neanderthals or any other name that demonstrates superiority over "them." It's as if some have a monopoly on the truth, the facts, the RIGHT WAY and the light. 

You know the facts of life. Life is ambiguous and the longer we live the more it becomes evident. Life is hard and the longer we live, the more evident it becomes for the need to simplify. Life is grace and the longer we live we might recognize how truly blessed we are!

I realize this is a generalization, but I find people tend to fall into three categories:

- The cynics. The cynics tend to be older, wounded, have unfilled expectations, feel cheated, and do not trust people, systems and process. They are see a fresh bouquet of flowers and ask, "Who died?" I'm blue around cynics. It's tough to have a civil conversation with cynics.
- The entitled. The entitled believe they deserve. They give "this" and deserve "that." They payed their dues and expect a return. It's about going up, never sideways or God forbid, downward. Their motto, "You owe me!" I'm blue around the entitled. When I'm around the entitled, I wonder if I'm square with them. Civil conversation might be possible with the entitled until you step on one of their entitlements!
- The humble. The humble are the few. They have no score to settle and no scorecard to keep. Everyday is a gift. They serve where they are needed. They give without expecting anything in return. They take responsibility and step up as needed. They have balance in their lives. They are selfless. They are spiritual. They laugh often. They are a blessing to be around and to work with. Civil conversations are the norm with the humble!

Two key questions that have come up in this campaign that continue to rattle around in my brain:
- Are you better off than you were four years ago?
- Don't you deserve...?

I'm blue. The cynics and entitled, who seem to be the majority, see themselves as not being better off and deserving more. 

I'm looking for more humble! Are you out there? Would you like to have a civil conversation?

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