Sunday, January 16, 2011


I saw this post on the wall of a Facebook connection...names have been changed to protect the iNnocent!

"When I grow up and have a lot of money, I am going to go to IHOP and talk on my iPhone and listen to my iPod while I play on my iPad." (Jane: "All of that stuff has nothing to do with IHOP." Carol: "I don't care. It all has an i in it and so it's awesome.")

It struck me that we have a whole lot of “i” going on and it may not be a good thing! Perhaps this is leading to iHarm? Is this another source for becoming a human doing?

There are the well know iMac, iTunes, iPad, iPod, iTouch, iWork (Apple has cornered the market on “i” names) iGoogle and ibooks. Then there are the other less well known and lesser used “i” words.

I have to believe all the “i” is leading to a lot of iGnorance, iLlusions and a lack of iMagination which negatively affect iNnovation, creativity and civil discourse.

I have an iDea. Lets stop consuming and start iShare. iShare means you will need to iUnplug and iFocus...listening more to actual conversation rather than texting and email. It also may mean being able to be alone with yourself to think, ponder, wonder rather than being stimulated. iFocus means iListen with not only my ears, but with undivided attention of my eyes and my heart. I have to believe this may lead us back to human beings rather than human doings.


Barton said...

iAgree! Our church is going through the book "One month to live" by Kerry & Chris Shook and they bring up the question of our selfish lives. i wonder: If we only had one month to live, how much time would we spend on our iMachines? My guess would be not much.

Chris Florence said...

Why do you think that the Bible talks so much about iDolatry and iDols? Interesting observation David.

Chris Florence

Carrpe Diem! said...

Couple of more words from a reader...

Hmmm…iNTERESTING, iNTUITIVE and iNPSPIRATIONAL!!! Thanks for iShairng

Brad said...

Lest we forget iRaq and iRan.

Marlene said...

This would also lead to more self-focus, taking personal responsibility for me - gotta love those I statements.