Thursday, February 12, 2009

TO: Mr Stumpf, CEO, Wells Fargo

Mr Stumpf-

The recent news of Wells Fargo going to Las Vegas to extravagantly celebrate its success was poor judgment and lacked thoughtful consideration. As a customer and client of Wells Fargo, I am deeply disturbed by the insensitivity of Wells Fargo to its customers, to our nation and to the world community at this critical time. I am glad you decided not to go, but this only came after an out cry from many.

Trust in our economic system, big business and the government is at an all time low. Trust will make or break any relationship. Joseph Campbell, author of the The Power of Myth, pointed out to Bill Moyers in June 1988 PBS interviews that the tallest building in the community is the keeper of the values and core beliefs of the community. In the 14th century, the tallest building was the church. In the 18th century, the tallest building was the government or palace. As we drive into America's major cities today, the tallest buildings belong to business, many of which are bank buildings! Wells Fargo needs to model-the-way in fiscal responsibility, economic justice and the use of power. At a time when many of our fellow Americans and citizens of the world are lacking the material essentials of life, extravagant celebrations lack empathy. Consider the BIG picture and the lives Wells Fargo touches directly and indirectly.

Let's be clear, Edward Deming defined the customer as anyone who relies on our work. Thus, Wells Fargo has external customers like me and internal customers who are the employees of Wells Fargo. I acknowledge, what gets celebrated gets repeated. Wells Fargo's employees should celebrate success. Choose to celebrate in such a way all served by Wells Fargo can feel good and perhaps share the pride. Overuse and misuse of power demonstrates self-interest. Please use your power with the nation and world's well-being in mind rather than just Well Fargo.

Be guided by wisdom. Act with humility. Choose to celebrate within the spirit of these times. Make me feel good about the company I keep as I write my checks to Wells Fargo.

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