Friday, February 29, 2008

What Gets Celebrated Gets Repeated!

There is a television ad with the tag line, "The best surprise is no surprise!"

I believe many of us enjoy pleasant surprises. Yesterday, my team attended our organization's board meeting to share the work we are doing as well as our hopes and dreams.

One of the board members who works closely with our team shared with the rest of the board how our team had broken all previous records of success. She proceeded to present us with totem of appreciation.
We were speechless! We were honored! We were pleasantly surprised!

Catching people doing things right leads to people continuing to do the right things.
In our culture, it is easy and natural to point out failures, short comings and mistakes. It seems unnatural to look for what is going well, especially the small things. Suggestion - Commit to the theme of Blanchard and Johnson's timeless best selling little book, The One Minute Manager - Catch people doing things right! See what happens to people around you. Experience a change in culture.

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