Thursday, January 3, 2008

There Is No BOX - book review

I have had the honor of working with Steve Coats and Tom Heuer for over six years at Joy Outdoor Education Center, Clarksville, Ohio. Together, we have created three-day leadership-learning labs for individuals to explore, discover and create better personal leadership. The success of these leadership-learning labs is due to two key things that Coats and Heuer do very well. 1.) They are masters at asking critical, challenging, questions leading to deep personal reflection and new behaviors. 2.) They are master storytellers, which feed and nurture participants. Coats and Heuer create magic that gets participants to share his/her stories.

The outcomes of these leadership-learning labs are life changing. Many participants have spoken publicly that these leadership-learning labs are the best program, workshop or seminar they have ever attended and more importantly, participated.

If you believe that leadership is everybody’s responsibility or if you want to explore this thought, There Is No BOX is the book for you.

There Is No BOX is an in-addition-to, the addendum to Coat's and Heuer’s leadership-learning labs. For the first time reader who has never experienced Coats or Heuer as facilitators on leadership, he/she will get a taste of the possibility. For the reader who has been with Coats or Heuer, There Is No BOX is a reminder, a refresher and a challenge to continue the important work of leadership.

There Is No BOX has met critical requirements for this reader. It is easy to read, heartfelt and credible. The stories they share back up their facts and opinions. “Leaders are said to be life-long learners.” (Page 82) Stories and connections to the hit television show CSI and former HP CEO, Carly Fiorina, follow and support this quote.

Read There Is No BOX for a personal challenge as well as to challenge your team or organization. The outcomes will not only surprise, but also lead to better bottom-lines personally and organizationally.

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